Touching Another’s Life is a Special Way to Communicate

So, how to touch another’s life?

 Remember how you feel when someone shows you consideration and kindness? You know, the gesture – a bunch of flowers, holding a door open for you, letting you go first – how did it make you feel? Good?

 We’re all human and we all have the need to be seen and acknowledged. How about reaching out and acknowledging another person and show you both know they are there and that they are important enough to receive your gesture of kindness.

 An act of kindness, an act of consideration can make someone’s day in just the same way it does for you. In fact, you never know, you may just save someone’s life by showing them they are important enough to matter…

 And remember; when acts of kindness are performed, both the giver and receiver feel better. So, why not determine to be that giver to touch another’s life?

 It is simple, it just takes heart and the risk of reaching out and recognising another human is worth the effort of acknowledgement!

Perhaps you would share how your experience life-touching experiences… Go on, comment!



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One thought on “Touching Another’s Life is a Special Way to Communicate

  1. Catherine

    Just read your website about touching someones life in a special way,when someone does a kind gusture of “opening a door”, well that reminded me of the time I opened a door for the in-laws(which i never got along with 😈 )hoping they would walk through it and we both would feel good and relaxed……..but πŸ™ to my disappointment they choose to detour to the other door….BAM!!!!! that was a clear indication to me of their feelings and I disagree because I AM an AWWWWSOME person, if I may say so πŸ™‚


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