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Taking Risks, Turning up and Meeting Authors

The art of getting places, moving through life and achieving success (by whatever standard you measure it) all requires taking risks and turning up. It involves being present in places where opportunity can find one.

Several weeks ago, I decided to deliver a series of talks in a health store and completed the first two days ago; there were two listeners – one didn’t like my style and left, the other loved it and we will remain in-touch. The risk of being there made it possible for me to expand my self, my awareness and my connections. It is so important to find like-minds and to progress. Neither would have happened if I’d stayed hidden at home. I’m now looking forward to “talk the second.” With my talk, I’d risked and turned up and completed it – a good start; what next?

My contact Mindy held a pitch party last night for her publishing house “Panoma Press.” I got to spend the evening enjoying the company of published, professional authors and networking more effectively than my usual lukewarm efforts. As I am in the process of writing my first two books, our conversations enabled me to open my eyes further. In a new environment for me, I experienced being stretched further along my path as a writer. And personally for I understand more about my self, too.

Mindy’s invite proved invaluable. I now see my self ready to get my books done and out; I feel empowered and to have shifted gears towards the next stage. Thank you to Mindy and all for the event and for the help they’ve provided me with. Now for more onwards and upwards!